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JA+ offers many glitches and partly-wanted effects to its players. Such things allowing us to achieve interesting and often funny effects are commonly called 'Tricks'.

This page just lists most of the known tricks. If you have problem learning any particular one you can contact advanced players (you can find them in bigger clans) For the list of minor ones see:
Small Tricks


Player can float freely in all directions. He cannot, however, change his position on z-axis (up/down):

  1. Take melee
  2. Jump and stick to a wall
  3. Do any emote and press F to hold it
  4. Release all buttons but F and jump one
  5. Ask your mate to punch you

If done correctly the punch should make you unstick from the wall, still you will not fall down and will remain floating!

Floating trick

Player floating to heaven...


Player uses his grappling hook to hang like if executed:

  1. Bind /ambeg command to some button
  2. Grapple to the celling
  3. Use walk/run button to put yourself down on the ground
  4. Use binded /ambeg
  5. Grapple yourself up
Hanging trick

Execution was successful

Saber DanceEdit

Player rotates quickly and makes his saber fly chasing his hand. He can freely jump and crouch. What's more the saber still deals damage!

  • Use command /cl_yawspeed 1150 (1150 is value for EFF server, some servers may use different saber speed or will not allow so high value)
  • Bind sonewhere command /amdropsaber
  • Bind somewhere /+right (rotating right. Left is also good)
  1. Drop saber (amdropsaber)
  2. Start rotating (+right button)
  3. Jump
  4. Call saber

You may freely jump, crouch and even run. As long as you keep rotating the saber will chase your hand!

Saber dancing

Deadly dance with your weapon


Player hangs on the hook and takes position like if sitting on closet. What's more he starts emitting strange helicopter-like song, which some consider sounding like farting.

  1. Grapple the celling
  2. Take meelee
  3. Kick
  4. Take saber
  5. Take melee again

If done correctly you wont be able to switch to melee in point 5. Instead you will repeatedly emit the sound of putting saber off. You will hear a bit strange sound, but everyone around will hear you farting like a true helicopter!

Farting trick

Prr, prr, prr! IMA Helicopter!

Saber HaxingEdit

Player makes his single saber behave like a saber staff. Still, he can change style back to Red, Blue or Yellow anytime he desires.

  • Bind somwhere commands to switch to duals, staff and single (see: Commands Guide )
  1. Take duals. Start slashing forward. In the short moment between slashes try switching to staff. DO NOT RELEASE ATTACK BUTTON
  2. Keep slashing forward with staff. Do the same thing but now in this break change to single saber.

If you did this correctly you have now a single-bladed saber staff! Enjoy!

Saber haxing trick

True Jedi Master can fight staff...without staff!

Black DyeEdit

Player changes his default skin color to Black, which is mostly blocked. (Works only with the default 'Jaden' models and trandoshan/sp model).

  • First of all take a skin that can be colored.
  1. Change your skin color to red.
  2. Use command /char_color_red 9999

Here you are, black skin!

Black color glitch

Feel like a pro with the new Glitchy collection...


Player grabs his emoting mate and lifts him into the air, where he remains!

  • Ask your mate to use an emote
  1. Perform a liftking kata on him*
  2. Jump while doing kata to lift your mate

  • To perform a lifting kata stand facing your mate, perform and ordinary meele kata and than, when the kata is already being done, but your mate is not yet held by it, press and hold MOVE LEFT key ( 'A' or left arrow).

TIP! Using this movement you can throw even with tauntauns or rancors!

Elevator trick

~Have a nice view sir!

Knockdown JumpingEdit

Player performs double jumps as if playing some old 2d platform game!

  • Bind /amknockmedown command to some button (See Commands Guide if you don't know how to bind buttons)
  1. Jump into the air
  2. While already falling down use/amknockmedown
  3. Quicky tap <forward> button
  4. With good timing tap /amknockmedown again
  5. Repeat for as long as you wish! :)


  1. This technique doesn't let you fly forever. You will keep losing heigth.
  2. Don't hold or spam pressing forward or /amknockmedown. You must tap it once with good timing or it will simply not work.
File:Knockdown jumping guide