The Scepter of Ragnos

The Scepter of Ragnos is a weapon that fires Force energy in a concentrated beam or a orb of Force energy into the ground, emiting a shockwave around the user. The Scepter is only used by Tavion, who wields it in the final battle of the game. The Scepter is easily avoidable, but can throw you of your feet if your not ready. Tavion mostly uses the Scepter to keep the player at a distance.


  • The beam is very easy to avoid: just jumping over it as Tavion sweeps it through the air.
  • The Force ball is a bit harder to avoid, as she will only use it when you are really close to her. A well-timed leap backwards will do the job though.

The Force Beam


The Force Ball shockwave


The Scepter is not available to the player throughout the game. It can however be obtained by cheating. Though you have to do it in a specific way: use the cheat console and type "weapon". This will unequip any weapon you are currently using. If the cheat doesn't work, you will not be able to get the Scepter. Then type "give weapon_scepter" and you are done. If the player switches weapon, the Scepter will be lost.

When using the Scepter, the player will hold it in a pretty awkward way. The Scepter that the player uses will fire differently; it will look like a beam of Disruptor shots.