Cloaked assassin

Cloaked assassin: Unlike Lightsabers Swords are afected by the Cloaking Shield, which makes them perfect weapon for assassinations!

See: Lightsaber

Swords are non-electronic equivalents of Lightsabers. Unlike Lightsabers, Swords cannot pass through solid surfaces and will bounce from walls, interrupting user's hits. Most of them posses also some less visible differences.

Good to know:

  • Swords bounce from walls. While being a disadvantage most of the time it has 1 noticable benefit: while performing Strong Style DFA (forward+jump) after landing your sword will bounce from the gound interrupting the animation and letting you escape quicker than if wielding Lightsaber.
  • Swords are stored on your back, where they are put in a quite long animation. This means Instant Slashes (See: Small Tricks) cannot be performed by flipping saber and they lose on meaning.
  • To equip your sword in the elegant way you may use /amflip command*, which will result in your character taking saber from his back instead of just teleporting it to his hand.

* Don't mistake with saber flip trick. This command servers to switch your saber/sword in elegant way. See: Emoting


Because all Swords are stored on character's back, player wielding them can chose himself a Sword Holster.

See: Items

JA+ mod provides us 3 Holsters:

Holster1 small Holster2 small Holster3 small
  • Serren Sceptor is a Staff kind of Sword. In 'saber off' mode it is held in player's hand and in melee mode, as all staves, it is stored on character's back without any Holster.

Swords ListEdit

Sword serrensceptor newSerren Sceptor

"This is a weapon of Elites. I mean: wielding it you have to be an Elite to stand a chance against any noob."~Seraskus

Although looking good this staff sword deals only 1/3 damage and is 20% slower than ordinary staff Lightsaber, which makes it usefull only for fliming. It can be considered a melee weapon.

Sword bride newBride's Hanzo Steel

This sword is 5% longer than the Lightsaber and 10% slower. This makes it tricky, as most of the saberists are simply unaware of it... ending up as sushi.

Sword jade new-JADE-

The most beautiful of sabers and at once the only Sword, which keeps both the speed and the lenght of the Lightsaber.

Sword hadhafang newHadhafang

One of the less popular Swords due to its length: its 12% shorter than the Lightsaber.

Sword aishaAisha Katana

This Sword is simply tiny ( it has only 2/3 length of the Lightsaber, while the speed stays the same), which makes it the least popular one.