The Saber Droid is a droid primarily built for the purpose of training. They wield Training Lightsabers and are encountered only three times in the game. Their movement is quite limited but that doesn't stop them from causing some major trouble. The first one encountered is in the Training Grounds of the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4. This one is very easy to defeat even on the "Jedi Master" setting. One well aimed hit will destroy it. The second and third ones are encountered at the same moment in Bast Castle on Vjun. These are quite a challenge but there are ways to defeat them almost effortlessly.

The Lightsaber Droid on Yavin

Tactics and TipsEdit

  • Their attack directions are very limited, for example; the Saber droid can only attack in front of it, so using an over-head attack or attack from behind will damage them without almost any trouble. A rollstab will reduce a great deal of their health without having to worry about them hitting you. The rollstab will stun them for a second, giving you an opportunity to damage it and run away. Even crouching in front of them will make them unable to hit you.
  • Using a Demp 2 will cause major damage to any droid. Right before you enter the room with the droids on Vjun you can pick one up. Although it is suggested that you choose to start off with one at the beginning of the mission.


There is an odd glitch with the Saber Droids movement. If you throw your lightsaber at its legs it will jump. However, there is no animation for it so the droid just flies up in the air. It doesn't even look like it is trying to jump. It just stands and flies up.