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Full name: Lightsaber

Ammo Type: none

Description: An elegant weapon for a more civilized age, the lightsaber is the preferred weapon of the Jedi Knight. The lightsaber is an energy blade of great power that can be used by the wielder for both attack and defense.

  • Primary Fire: Slashing and swinging attacks.
  • Secondary Fire: Force powered saber throw.
  • Defensive Ability: Deflects blaster and energy weapon fire, parries enemy lightsaber attacks.

Saber listEdit

See also: Commands-->Saber
*Reborn and Katarn hilts serve as default hilts for strange-name sabers. Reborn hilt emits shorter saber blades.

Base hilts

Saber luke small Saber Luke. Not avalible for players. Some bots use it.
Saber reborn small

/saber training *

Saber kyle small

/saber kyle *

Saber single 1 small

/saber single_1

Saber single 2 small

/saber single_2

Saber single 3 small

/saber single_3

Saber single 4 small

/saber single_4

Saber single 5 small

/saber single_5

Saber single 6 small

/saber single_6

Saber single 7 small

/saber single_7

Saber single 8 small

/saber single_8

Saber single 9 small

/saber single_9


Base staff hilts

Saber dual 1 new

/saber dual_1

Saber dual 2 new

/saber dual_2

Saber dual 3 new

/saber dual_3

Saber dual 4 new

/saber dual_4

Saber dual 5 new

/saber dual_5


JA+ mod Sabers

Jpsg1 small

/saber jpsg1

Jpsg2 small

/saber jpsg2

(Hadhafang) See: Swords
Jpsg3 small

/saber jpsg3

(-JADE-) See: Swords
Saber desann small

/saber jpsg5

(Lord Desann)
Jpsg7 small new

/saber jpsg7

(Dragon's Wing v2)
Jpsg8 small

/saber jpsg8

Jpsg10 small

/saber jpsg10

(Bride's Hanzo Steel) See: Swords
Jpsg11 small

/saber jpsg11

(Aisha Katana) See: Swords
Jpsg12 small

/saber jpsg12

Jpsg14 small

/saber jpsg14

BrokenSliderR small

/saber BrokenSliderR

(Broken Slider R)
BrokenSliderL small

/saber BrokenSliderL

(Broken Slider L)

JA+ mod Staff Sabers

Jpst1 small

/saber jpst1

Jpst2 small

/saber jpst2

Jpst3 small

/saber jpst3

(Serren Sceptor) See: Swords