Icarus scripting window image
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Icarus scripts are used in Jedi Academy mapping. Scripting opens you a whole new way to make your map more dynamic and realistic, however you should always consider if you really need to script. Remember that nearly all basic map tasks can be done by the ordinary entities.

So, when to use scripting?

  1. When you need your entities to move in more complicated ways (pay attention that often the ordinary func_train is enough, and func_static may behave unstable in mp)
  2. When you are willing to make "boons" or so called "keycards" giving the player some special allowances (like an acces to a special room).
  3. When you wish to heal player, but want to avoid spawning hp and shields (like: hack for 3 secs to get healed <-- nice in duel rooms)
  4. When you hit the limit of 1023 entities on the map and you have to get rid of target_relays, target_activators and all other utility entities cluttering your map.

Before you start your adventure with ICARUS you may need the jedi Academy SDK (Standard Development Kit). You may download it there.