Player hanging on grappling hook

Hanging on the Grappling Hook

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Grappling Hook is a JA+ mod special addon allowing players to move through the map with nearly flying-like freedom.

On the server side it is controlled by 3 cvars:

jp_allowHook //determines wheather the hook is enabled
jp_hookFloodProtect //how much miliseconds player has to wait before being able to shot hook next time
jp_hookSpeed //how fast does the hook travel (800=slow, 4000=fast)

You can use 'Grapple' even without having JA+ mod installed - just bind command +button12 to some key (for example /bind m +button12). You wont see it, though, and it will get released as soon as you release the binded button.

With JA+ you can set key for grapple in Controls menu.

Things you should know about Grappling Hook:

  • Hook is disabled in Alt-Dim.
  • To make it pull you to the grappled destination press and hold the key to which you binded "+button12" command.
  • To release it press "use" ( <Enter> by default).
  • To walk and jump freelry while being grappled somewhere hold <run/walk> key.