Free For All gametype allows players to fight eachother freely. Suprisingly, it is ussually very civilised.

FFA - community modeEdit

Bar talk

Most servers require their players to obey 'no laming rule' (See: Laming). It is made, so that players can freely and safely gather on servers, talk and enjoy their time witout being killed. This rule allow fighting only with players, who opened their lightsaber or wield a weapon. If player has closed lightsaber, it means he doesn't want to fight. Admins ussually can punish those, who disrespect this rule.

It is common, that people fight all around the map, but there are areas on maps, where you can peacefully gather to talk without fighters interruption.

Some servers allow also alternate dimension, where you can fight with no rules.

This type of playing sometimes involves also RPG, ussually played on RPG-dedicated servers.

FFA - war modeEdit

In typical FFA, each player fights with everyone else to gain the highest score.

  • Eliminating other player or NPC: +1 point
  • Killing yourself: -1 point

After timelimit hits, the player with higher score becomes the winner.