Icon force sense new

See: Force Powers

Duration: Instantaneous effect

Area Of Effect: Jedi field of view

Effect: Allows Jedi great and wide vision.

Force seeing allows the Jedi to see all enemies clearly, regardless of lighting conditions, by surrounding them with an easy-to-see glowing aura. Force seeing also allows Jedi to counteract the Jedi Mind Trick Force power. At the highest level of Force Seeing the Jedi develops a sixth sense that allows him to dodge sniper fire.

  • Rank 1: See players' auras highlighted in view with normal time duration.
  • Rank 2: See players' auras in view and through walls with double time duration.
  • Rank 3: See players' auras in view and through walls at any range with triple time duration. Players can automatically dodge sniper shots at this level.