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See: Force Powers

Duration: Variable

Area Of Effect: Living persons only

Effect: Allows Jedi to hurl a devastating electrical attack against enemies.

  • Rank 1: Jedi launches a single bolt that fires forward, doing instant damage.
  • Rank 2: Jedi can maintain the Force Lightning for a sustained forward attack.
  • Rank 3: Jedi emanate a sustained fan of electricity in a large forward arc, damaging anything in front of them.

! Note: Force Lighting on rank 3 has wider arc of damaging and is more powerful, but ranks 1 and 2 have much longer range, which can be more useful in some cases (however demands perfect aiming).

When switching to melee you can perform 2-hands lightning (sitll only 1 hand will produce lightnings though). It deals twice as much damage (can kill the fully shieleded oponent), but ovbiously leaves you without any protection for a short while. (See: Melee )

Special: FlamethrowerEdit

If it is enabled on JA+ server

( cvar jp_allowFlameThrower is set to 1 )

players can use command /toggleFlame to turn their Lightnings into Flames (you must have Force Lightning pucharsed first).

Also every /ammerc'ed player can use flamethrower with the same button they use for Force Lightning.

Flamethrower uses Force Pool energy to work.