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See: Force Powers

Duration: Variable

Area Of Effect: Living persons only

Effect: Drains Force Power and uses it to replenish life.

  • Rank 1: Launches a single bolt that fires forward, draining 10 Force points per second and healing that amount.
  • Rank 2: An un-aimed, continuous attack, draining 15 Force points per second.
  • Rank 3: Emanates a sustained fan in a large forward arc, draining any target in front of him of 20 Force points per second.

! Note: Force Drain on rank 1 and 2 will not activate unless aimed at the potential source of Force Energy (in English: unless you aim at human who can be drained it wont make any effect). It is a very usefull attribute, as it prevents the useless waste of your own Force Energy.

Special: Sith KissEdit

Sith kiss

In JA+ mod Force Drain users can use Sith Kiss. (cvar jp_allowSPForces must be set to 2 , Drain rank 3 demanded).

To perform it take melee and use Force Drain standing in close proximity to your enemy. Your character will hold the target immobilising him for the duration of your draining.

See also: Jedi Tornado