EWEB image

Rebel using EWEB (Here: /ammerc in JA+)

See: Items

Portable blaster cannon EWEB (Emplacement Weapon, Heavy Blaster) is equipment avalible for attacking Assault classes in Siege.

It can be deployed on any piece of flat space (by the "use held item" button). Dealing much damage (it is one of the 3 weapons, along with the Merr-Sonn and AT-ST fire, able to destroy the Shield Generator in Hoth Assault siege) it is great weapon to destroy enemys buildings and cannons.

However, its slow rotating rate and big recoil makes it preatty useless against mobile targets, like human enemies.

When in use EWEB can be undeployed any time with the 'use' button or by walking backwards (you will walk away from it and it will auto-undeploy).

EWEB can be destroyed. When so it cannot be used untill the player respawns with the new one. That's not a big deal, though, as the explosion occuring while destruction kills the owner in most cases.

! Note: All items (so EWEB too), despiting the Cloaking Shield are given to /ammerc'ed players in JA+.