The dark side is the alternate side of the force. There is also a Non-cannon ending for the game involving Jadens fall to the dark side.

Alternate EndingEdit

If the player chooses this ending, Jaden kills Rosh with a fatal stab through the chest and then engages Alora in a duel. Jaden then wins an walks out of a door (possibly leading to some transports) and takes a ship to Korriban with only one thought in mind: Taking the Scepter of Ragnos

Upon arriving on Korriban, Jaden is stopped by a Jedi saying he senses the Dark side in him/her and won't let Jaden pass. Jaden, saying the Jedi can't stop him engages him and another Jedi in combat. When Jaden reaches Tavion, Jaden fights her and slays her without hesitation. Just as Jaden is about to pick up the Scepter, Kyle enters the chamber and tries to talk Jaden out of the dark side but fails and is ultimatley forced to duel his student. Jaden succesfully defeats Katarn by knocking him off his feet for a brief moment and aims the Scepter at the ceiling, covering Kyle's body in rocks. Jaden then blows a wall in the chamber with the Scepter and escapes. Jaden is then seen on a Star Destroyer with his/her scepter, after choking a Imperial Officer

Non-story related infoEdit

  • There are a few Dark Side power's in game that can be spent with Force Point's, including: