Weapon demp2 image

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Full name: Destructive Electro-Magnetic Pulse 2 Gun

Ammo Type: Power Cell (Ammo power cell)

Description: Commonly referred to as the DEMP 2, this pulse rifle is primarily used against droids and electrical devices. The DEMP 2 fires high-powered ion bursts that disrupt electrical systems, and are most effective against personal shields. Unlike previous incarnations of the weapon, the DEMP 2's ion charges are capable of damaging living material.

  • Primary Fire: Single shot, does some damage to humans, extra damage to shields. Consumes 8 ammo units/shot.
  • Secondary Fire: A charged shot that unleashes a nearly instantaneous shockwave that can knock enemies back. Consumes 30 ammo units/shot (fully charged)

! Note: Fire of this gun temporarily disables all weapons. For example charged bowcaster ready to shot will discharge without shooting, wasting users ammo. Even thermal detonator 'fully charged' (so ready to be thrown really far) 'discharges' and its user must waste more time to charge another long throw.

Additionaly its secondary fire destroys all mines and rockets in the pulse range and is able to harm through walls.