Cloak sniper image

Visible and cloaked sniper

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Cloaking Shield is an item avalible to some Scout (sniper) classes in Siege game mode.

When activated the Cloak produces a specific sound and starts masking its owner (which takes 1-2 seconds). Soon the owner becomes mostly transparent, though still visible (as on the picture).

This camouflage is almost perfect when the user remains motionless, however is preatty easy to spot when he is running.

Due to the immense energy necessary to power the device, the cloak last for a short duration. A direct hit from a DEMP 2 gun will temporarily disable the shield. Additionally, a hit from the secondary fire of the DEMP 2 will permanently disable the shield.

Cloaking Shield is the only item not avalible for /ammerc'ed players. Instead it can be switched on any JA+ server by default. In this case every player will have it in ther invetory scince spawning (just like saber, melee or pistol).

  • To enable cloak on JA+ server set cvar jp_allowCloakItem to 1

TIP ! Unlike Lightsabers, Swords are affected by the Cloaking Shield, which makes them perfect weapon for assassination! (See: Lightsaber, Swords)