Bryar pistol

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Full name: Bryar Blaster Pistol

Ammo Type: Blaster Pack (Ammo blaster pack)

Description: Kyle Katarn's weapon of choice, the Bryar Blaster Pistol is a common hand-held energy weapon with a slow rate of fire and incredible accuracy.

  • Primary Fire: Slow, single shot with great accuracy and damage. Consumes 2 ammo units/shot.
  • Secondary Fire: Charged energy buildup for increased damage blast. Fully charged blast consumes 9 ammo units/shot.

! Note: Bryar Pistol is mostly seen only in hands of /ammerc'ed players in JA+ mod. Unlike DL-44 Blaster Pistol it never has unlimited ammo and can be pulled out from user's hands. Its fire rate, however, is noticably faster.