Boba Fett is a ruthless Bounty Hunter who hunts bountys for money. He is encountered in the Mission To

Boba Fett
Home World Kamino
Age 46
Reputation Bounty Hunter
Date of Birth 31.5 BBY
Genetic Father Jango Fett
Ord Mantell.

Before Jedi AcademyEdit

Boba Fett was cloned on Kamino on 31.5 BBY[Before Battle of Yavin] to the once famous Bounty Hunter Jango Fett. Fett grew up to be insanely popular before, and during the Galactic Civil War.

Fetts victory and lossEdit

Fett also tamed a hatred for Han Solo, who he struggled to capture. However, when Darth Vader put out a call for bounty hunters to capture Solo, Fett luckily tracked him down to Bespin. Fett then sent a message to the Sith Lord that Solo was found, and Vader then set a trap for the Smuggler. Fett then received his pay and took Solo, who was previously frozen in carbonite, to Jabba. A year later Solos friends would come to rescue him, and while Boba was fighting them, Solo acidently sent Fett in The Sarlaac.


Boba Fett eventually escaped from the Sarlaac and began his career as a bounty hunter again.

Mission to Ord MantellEdit

Boba Fett is seen just after Jaden Korr detonates a bomb. He threatens Jaden and they face off. Jaden however seems to be the victor and Fett escapes.

Later lifeEdit

Fett would then became Mandalore many years after his encounter on Ord Mantell

Non story related infoEdit

  • Boba Fetts model can be used in single player by holding Shift + ~ and then typing Helpusobi 1 to activate cheats, and then in the same console entering playermodel Boba_Fett