Anakins lightsaber

If you have just begun the game, you won't need the knowledge about the majority of commands.

Here are listed only a few, which you may find useful at start.

Each command is written in game console. To open it press shift + ~.

The most useful commands Edit

  • Writes in console information about your account, including emotes you can do.
/bind <button> <command/emote>
  • After clicking <button> you will execute <command/emote>. Example: /bind k meditate results in sitting after pressing k button
/write <name>
  • Writes your game configuration (name, binds, settings) in the file with the given name. Example: /write john results in writing your config. as 'john.cfg' on your harddisc.
/exec <name>
  • Loads (executes) previously written config file. Example: /exec john results in loading 'john.cfg' config from your harddisc.

Performance problems? Edit

/snaps 80
  • Somehow raises your FPS.
/rate 25000
  • Somehow makes your connection better.

Not enough? See full commands guide for better improvement.

Want to see your fps/connection? Edit

/cg_drawfps (0/1)
  • Draws your FPS in right-top corner of your screen. To draw FPS use 1 value. To switch FPS off use 0 value.
/cg_lagometer (0/1)
  • Draws the lagometer showing the lag between you and the server. To draw lagometer use 1 value. To switch it off use 0 value.