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List of JA+ admin commands

Colors legend:

  • White: Basic Commands
  • Black: Punishment Commands
  • Cyan: Utility Commands

! Note: Most of commands have their gun-equivalent. To use gun commands replace prefix "am" with "gun". Gun commands will work on player who you are pointing at.

! Note: Remember - if player's name is number (for example player is named 18), then in order to execute admin command on him you should write his ID instead of his name. You can check ID of every player by /showplayerid .

Basic CommandsEdit

/amlogin <admin_pass>Edit

Logs you in as server admin : Instructor, Knight or Council. All adminis see Admin Chat and ghosted players (amghost).


Logs you out. After using this you wont be logged as an admin.

/amsay <message>Edit

Says (message) on the Admin Chat. Only admins will see the message. To talk on Admin Chat easier use /say_team_mod admin and than press T (by default) to talk on admin chat.


After using this you won't see ghosted players any more. Using it again will re-give you the ability of seing ghosted players.

/ampoll <question>Edit

Creates a poll in which players can vote yes/no. May be good before changing a map or server settings to make sure players will like this change. Use "\n" char in the message to enter the next line.


Creates a teleportation mark. When using /amtele with no value admin user will be teleported there. You can have only 1 telemark and each next will replace the previous one.

Punishment CommandsEdit

/amslap <name/ID>Edit

Slaps player with the given name/ ID. Such player will be just knocked down. Good way to warn someone that you dislike his behaviour.

/amforcealtdim <name/ID>Edit

Sends player with the given name/ID to the Alternate Dimension and forces him to stay there. Good for kids, who don't understand english.

/amunforcealtdim <name/ID>Edit

Lets the player with the given name/ID leave the Alternate Dimension using /amaltdim . You cannot, however, force him out.

/amsleep <name/ID>Edit

Sleeps player with the given name/ID. Such player will be knocked down and not able to wake. He will also be immortal while in this state.

/amwake <name/ID>Edit

Wakes up sleeped player.

/amsilence <name/ID>Edit

Silences player with the given name/ID. He will not be able to chat or rename himself.

/amunsilence <name/ID>Edit

Unsilences player with the given name/ID letting him speak and rename.

/amkick <name/ID>Edit

Kicks player with the given name/ID from server.

/amforceteam <name/ID> <f/b/r/s>Edit

Forces player with the given name/ID to join the given team: Free, Blue, Red or Spectator. Good if the rule breakers escape to spectating mode or while managing events.

/amlockteam <f/b/r/s>Edit

Locks/unlocks the given team: Free, Blue, Red or Spectator not letting anyone join it.

/ammindtrick <name/ID>Edit

Mindtricks the given player making all other players invisible for him. He can be than knocked down by flipkick, but otherwise is immortal as if /amprotect'ed. This is especially good for when your a little bitch and can't fight someone without using these admin hacks.

/amban <name/ID>Edit

Bans player with the given name/ID from server. He will not be able to join unless he has dynamic IP or rcon user unbans him.

Utility CommandsEdit

/amprotect <name/ID>Edit

Protects player with the given name/ID. He will not be possible to kill or knock down with flipkick. However, he will still be vunerable to vehicle-explosion and falling damage. The protection will expire if the protected player attacks. If no name or ID is specified the comand will target the user.
====/amtele <name/ID> OR <name/ID> <name/ID> OR